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Get more students as an online language teacher at Langu

Langu was founded as better way to teach and learn languages. There are so many great teachers out there, but students struggle to find them. Langu connects eager language students with top independent language teachers not just from the student’s hometown, but from around the world. And we provide a sophisticated in-browser virtual classroom and a safe, effective payment system.

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Why teach on Langu?

You decide your own price and schedule

It's simple - it's all up to you. And from any price you charge, we will take a 15% commission, with no hidden costs. You can set the price in your currency and your students will pay in theirs, without any currency conversion fee. All the services (finding students for you, customer service, bandwidth, secure payments, intelligent scheduling and access to a virtual classroom) are included! 

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You get access to all the tools we've built to make teachers' lives easier

 You will meet your student in a virtual classroom, where you will talk and complete various learning exercises using the virtual whiteboard and the resources you have uploaded. When it’s all done, your student will retain access to the virtual whiteboard and resources so they can go back and review them whenever they wish.

We find students for you so you don't have to

With your permission, we will advertise your teacher profile and do our best to find new students for you. We will connect you with both individuals and company clients who are looking for a teacher with your specialties.

Meet some of our company clients


Hear it from our teachers

"I've been teaching business English on Langu for almost a couple of years and they are consistently a wonderful company to work with. Their platform works better than any of the other three teaching platforms I've freelanced for in the past, they're quick to respond to questions or concerns, and they deeply care about their tutors and their students. If you're thinking of becoming a tutor or a student I can wholeheartedly recommend Langu."

 Lisa Beaumont, English teacher

Is it YOU we're looking for?

Passion, passion and, again, passion for teaching!

Positive attitude, empathy and  friendliness

A proof of qualifications and teaching experience

An excellent and reliable internet connection 

Langu’s teachers come from all walks of life. They are top teachers united only by passion and talent for teaching. They have many ranges of expertise, from nursing to law to TOEFL to medieval literature. Here is what we require from our teachers:

Interested in becoming a Langu teacher?

We're looking forward to receiving your application. We will be in touch shortly! 

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